Climbing Snapshot

The Lengarica-Canyon is a wonderfully situated limestone ravine in southern Albania, close to the small city of Permet.  The area is very popular with tourists, owing to the numerous thermal springs and health-giving mud. There are two restaurants at the entrance to the ravine and one can camp for free. When the river is at its normal level, one can wander through the canyon in ankle deep water.  This is an ideal summer pastime as compared to the thermal springs the river water is nice and cool.

Approach to the Canyon:
They canyon is close to the small city of Permet in southern Albania.  From here travel ca. 7km in a south easterly direction (towards the Greek border).  Take a left turn towards the thermal springs.  This road can be easily recognised as the asphalt on the side road is much better than on the main road. Travel a further 6km until you reach a newly built bridge.  Just before the bridge, turn left and follow a very bumpy track to the car park.  Walk past the restaurants and the historic bridge, through the canyon and the climbing sector is reached after approx 600m.

1. Description of the ridge climbing up to Mount Papingut from the north side: topo link
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Directions: (click HERE for a google map)


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